About the Diehls

Elder Doug Diehl is a retired airline captain, airline executive, aviation safety expert, and lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.  After 48 years in aviation, he retired as Director of Safety at Frontier Airlines in Denver, CO.  He had previously retired as a captain and Director of Flight Operations at Continental Airlines.  He was also a pilot in the U.S. Air Force (serving in Texas, California, and Germany), a pilot for WestAir Commuter Airlines, and a captain at People Express Airlines.  As a contractor, he served as the national FOQA Program Manager for the FAA, helping airlines implement this important safety program.

Sister Mary Lou Diehl is a retired social worker, having worked for both public and private social services agencies.  Most recently, she retired from InterFaith Community Services in Englewood, CO.  She had previously worked with LDS Family Services (in Texas, New Jersey, and California), Northwest Assistance Ministries (Texas), and the Department of Public Welfare (Utah).  She specialized in family assistance, adoptions, homelessness prevention, and victims’ assistance.  She is also mother to six children.


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